Mrs. Lupe Moreno

Mrs. Moreno was born in Durango, Mexico. Her father was a rancher and her mother was teacher and principal for 44 years.

Mrs. Moreno received a B.A. in International Business Administration in Durango City and also attended an art university for a couple of years. 

She started as a volunteer for St. Cecilia in 1993 by helping in the cafeteria, with recess, and assisting with special projects, until 1998, when she was hired as teacher assistant. She now manages the library and teaches art. 

Mrs. Moreno is married and has two daughters that are graduates from St. Cecilia and two and of her three grandchildren attend school here. 

In her free time she likes to read youth novels to research for new material for the school library.  She enjoys finding treasures in favorite thrift stores. She loves to draw and to think up new art projects for her and the students. This year, she hopes to inspire our students to be motivated to explore art and books more than they ever have.