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RenWeb™ is the primary means of communication to parents about grades, missing assignments and important school notices. Parents will receive username and password information to access RenWeb™ information pertaining to each student enrolled at St. Cecilia Catholic School. Every family in grades PK through 8 must activate their parent RenWeb™ account, provide an email address and keep that email address current with the school office. Through this email address, parents will receive school wide notices, including inclement weather and emergency closing notices, and classroom announcements. School faculty updates grades weekly and assignment information regularly.

Parents are expected to access email and RenWeb™ on a regular basis. In addition to checking RenWeb™ regularly, parents are expected to review all graded and returned schoolwork to keep informed of their child’s progress.

Login today, our school ID is STCE-TXRenWeb Login

Mrs. Valdez is available to give a demo and answer questions should you need it.