A Safe Environment Training Program

The Diocese of Dallas has adopted and mandated a Safe Environment Program for all its parishes and schools.  All adults working, volunteering or interacting with children in the school must be cleared through the Safe Environment program, there are no exceptions.  Parents wishing to volunteer at the school, accompany classes on a field trips, etc. must be cleared. This also includes all coaches who also need to be cleared through Safe Environment in order to participate in any practices (on or off campus) with a St. Cecilia school team.  Safe environment clearance must be renewed on a yearly basis. 

Contact the Parish with any questions regarding A Safe Environment Training Program:

St. Cecilia Catholic Church
Safe Environment
Safe Environment Coordinator
214-941-5821 ext 106

Safe Environment Diocese of Dallas Packet


All new volunteers or employees must attend a “Family of Faith” session as part of the Safe Environment certification process. This class can be taken at one’s personal parish or school if it is being offered; however, attendance at any “Family of Faith” class offered in the diocese and featured on the Diocese of Dallas SEP Scheduled Classes Page is acceptable.

If you attend a “Family of Faith” session at a parish or school other than your own, it is imperative that you register for the class online, make sure to sign the attendance log upon arrival, and receive a copy of your certification as proof of attendance to this class for your parish Safe Environment officer.


What are the steps of the Safe Environment screening procedure?  Download PDF File
  1. Screening form. All staff and volunteers must complete the screening form. Volunteers should have attended the parish for six months in order to become well known by the other adults and leaders. The pastor or his designate can grant a waiver of the six-month rule.
  2. Employment application. Those applying for a paid position must complete an employment application as well as screening form.
  3. Reference Check.  Complete a reference check from the references listed on the screening form and application.  Maintain a written record of each reference check using safe environment reference information.
  4. Interview.  Interview each new applicant using  Safe Environment Interview Form.
  5. Criminal Background Check.  Conduct a criminal background check on clergy and staff.   Also, conduct a criminal background check on all volunteers who work with minors and vulnerable adults as well as ushers/greeters. All criminal background checks must be updated every two (2) years through a Diocesan approved vendor (currently Accutrak).
Online Training is for volunteers who have gone through the screening process.  If you are fulfilling the annual retraining, you may choose to train online, follow the instructions below.

To update your training online, log in to:


Press My Obligations (Type your name and last name and your address; do not include your zip code)

Press Search (This will bring up your information exactly as it appears on the diocesan data base. Please review and update your information).
When you are done reviewing

Press Update Information and Continue (Choose your training from a title that you have not already chosen in previous years)

Turn your completed test or certificate of completion to the school office.