Welcome to St. Cecilia's Pre-k 3 class! My name is Haley Bruce, and I am the Pre-K 3 (amd Prek 4) teacher. I hope you are enjoying looking around our school's website. Here is a little information about our classroom.

 Our Program: We offer a hands on, independent learning program. This means that our students grow and learn by independently selecting their own educational materials (called "work")  from the prepared environment of the classroom. All of our materials are geared towards the child's developmental level. The children are shown how to use and care for the materials one on one. After being shown how to use a work, the child is free to independently select that work, and work on it anytime they wish. We also have daily read alouds, music, and art.

Our Goals: For each of our students grow religiously, socially, and academically throughout the year.

Our students grow in their love of God through our weekly Bible stories and activities, daily prayers, and learning Christian songs.

Our Academic goals for our students include:

  1. Familiarity with language through songs, finger plays, poems, nursery rhymes, etc...
  2. Awareness of print concepts through a familiarity with books, writing, the alphabet, and recognizing their name in print
  3. Growth in fine motor skills through sculpting play dough, stringing beads, tearing paper, cutting, and developing a pincher grasp. These tasks help strenghten the hand muscles and prepare the children to write.
  4.  Improving the beginning math skills of size comparison, shape recongition, sorting, pattern recognition, graphing, counting, one to one number correspondence, and numeral recognition.
  5. An introduction to science and social studies by exploring our enviroment, nature, our family, friends, classroom community, and geography.


Our children grow socially through making friends, sharing, taking turns, using words with others, peaceful conflict resolution skills, increased independence, and creative play.

In addition, our children's gross motor skills grow in our weekly trips to the gym. They learn basic computer skills through our weekly computer time.

We play hard and "work" hard all year! The students have a great time, and always learn throughout the year.

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Haley Bruce

This is Mrs. Bruce's 13th year teaching. It is her 9th year at St. Cecilia's, and 10th year teaching Pre-K. She loves working with the "little ones," and watching them grow in their love of reading. Mrs. Bruce runs and organizes Catholic School Week in January, helps with Red Ribbon Week. This year she is planning on helping with Saturday tutoring. She has taught religion to elementary grades, and run drama club. Mrs. Bruce graduated from the University of Dallas in 2003 with her degree in education, and has completed some graduate work in Theology. Mrs. Bruce's husband is also a teacher, and they both enjoy being parents to their preschooler.

Contact: Haley Bruce