Save the date! 
North Texas Giving Day will be held on September 14, 2017 from 6am-midnight!

North Texas Giving Day 2016

This was the first year for St. Cecilia participated in North Texas Giving Day!  We set out to raise money to help grow our Art Department: visual arts, performing arts, and interactive arts and it was an amazing experience.  We received 55 individual gifts ranging from $25 to $2,500.  Each and every gift will have such a positive impact on our program and our school. 

By 11am we had received 19 gifts for a total of $1700!  We checked back at 8pm and our school had received 42 gifts for a total of $5,760 and when the midnight deadline arrived our school had closed at $7,265 from 55 individual supporters!

We are extremely thankful to each of our supporters, you are amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

55 Gifts for a total of $7,265 !


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